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Biennale Jogya-IX-2007 shouts loud, lacks depth

Jakarta Post. Features – January 05, 2008

Aminudin TH Siregar , Contributor, Yogyakarta

To be perfectly blunt, the 2007 Yogyakarta Biennale, or Biennale Jogja-IX (BJ-IX), is disorganized. The day after the event had officially opened, no information was provided about the works on display at one of the venues, causing visitors to wonder about the titles and the identities of the artists who created them. At another exhibition space, several artists were still busy completing their works. Worse still, Titarubi‚Äôs installation featuring more than a dozen resin statues was a mess as some of the statues had collapsed due to the strong winds that hit Yogyakarta on the opening night…( read more )


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